About Indian Spices

If people the world over were to know one thing and only one thing about the Indian subcontinent that has to be the Indian spices. In the remotest corners of the world, if anyone has heard the name of India it is because of its spices and herbs.

These magical and tasteful edibles, which are also famous for their medicinal properties, have a history older than the recorded one. Spices from India find a mention in the mythological literature and evidence shows that spices in India have lived longer than 7000 years.

The earliest spices found in India were cardamom and turmeric. In Ancient India surgeons used spices for treatment and to ward off evil spirits. The spices have since been used in India in Ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments. Spices like Turmeric, Ginger, cardamom, Black pepper, cumin seeds are said to have medicinal benefits. Even today spices are used in Indian households for medicinal purposes.

The aromatic spices in India lured many a discoverer, and for the longest time in history, India has provided the world with spices starting with countries like Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt moving on to Greece & Rome, and then gradually the entire world.
Needless to say, that today India houses the best quality of spices and is the biggest exporter of spices to the world.

About Nesbee

Nestled in the heart of spice land, India, Nesbee, brings to you the purest and most natural Indian spices. A brainchild of Vikram Singh, Pravesh Goyal, and Aaditya Kedawat, Nesbee was incorporated with a vision to promote the natural spices of India in the world.

Nesbee is a manufacturer and exporter of the highest quality spices from India. We present to the world, the widest range of spices, herbs, and oilseeds manufactured with the utmost care and keeping in mind the highest quality standards.

Nesbee name and Meaning

‘Nest’ is another name for a home. India has long been known as a home for spices.

‘Bees’ are pollinators, who are responsible for a huge amount of food production in the world. They are attracted to the most beautiful herbs and then help in the growth and reproduction of the same.

Our organization comes from the home of spices and helps in spreading these spices across the globe ensuring that no one misses this taste of life. Thus, the name NESBEE

We are determined to spread this beauty of nature (spices and herbs) in the most organic form to our buyers and consumers.


We are committed to provide the widest range of spices and herbs to our buyers.

Our products are manufactured in pour facility taking care of all quality standards.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly and thus beneficial for our buyers.

Our team is always focused on learning and adding latest technology to enhance the production mechanism.


The beauty of aroma that surrounds the street of Jaipur, Rajasthan as the women hand crush the spices in the purest form while singing their folklore, is only known to the bystanders and witnesses or beholders of this scene. If you have to experience the same you either need to visit this part of the country or you can get a fragment of this experience from the spices that we export to every part of the world.

With this basic thought of taking the beauty of our food and aroma and charm of our spices to the global audience, the people behind NESBEE came together to start this firm and manufacturer and export the spices from India. It has been their dream to recreate the same tastefulness and warmth of their food in other parts of the world.


Vision: To provide consumers across the world with the best quality of spices and make every bite of food more tasteful.

Mission: Nesbee brings to you, natural spices & herbs from the land of spices, India. We make sure to provide you with huge range of aromatic spices, manufactured and processed with highest quality standards and brought to you in hygienic packaging.

Minds Behind Nesbee

Mr. Vikram Singh

A financier and banking industry expert with experience of more than 10 years, Mr. Vikram Singh, is one of the minds behind the firm Nesbee. A graduate in chemistry and an MBA in Finance & Taxation, he has experience working with various top-notch banks in the country. His expertise lies in MSME financing, working capital finance, Trade & Forex, and Export and Import licensing.

A certified associate of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance he also has certifications in Trade Finance, SME Finance, CRISIL. Among many feathers in his cap, he has also received the best business award in the SME category from ICICI, Kotak, and Mahindra bank in the year 2018.

His personal interest in Indian mythology has enhanced his love of Indian spices, their usage in Indian mythology and ancient India, and the same has now spread into his professional life.

Mr. Pravesh Goyal

A seasoned entrepreneur and another gem in the founding team of NESBEE, Mr. Pravesh Goyal, has been an import-export consultant for over two decades. His experience in the industry and his knowledge about every facet of export-import make him an important asset to the company.

As a consultant, his company has a presence in India and China. Additionally, he has worked around the globe and has traveled to many major countries for business like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many parts of Europe.

His passion for travel has facilitated his journey of being a global entrepreneur. When not working he is found exploring new places while enjoying the company of good music.

Mr. Aaditya Kedawat

His family has been in the business of spices for over half a century and thus Aaditya’s natural inclination was to start his own spice business post his business administration and finance studies. Equipped with the latest information in the industry and with a huge understanding of the spice business, Aaditya plans to take the business internationally.

NESBEE as a business idea had taken roots in his mind right during his graduation and he later joined his family business to understand the business better. After working for 3 years, understanding the export market, and analyzing the business he took the natural jump.

He has made it a motto to take Indian spices and NESBEE on the global level and carve new opportunities in this industry.