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4 to 5 mm Super Blue Green Flash Labradorite Micro Faceted rondelle Full 13 inch strand-AAA Quality

There is visible flash in every bead of the strand which makes them top quality labradorite.
Normally one has to pay high prices for these but on our shop you are getting it at a fairly good price.

Please see the below details properly,

size- 4 TO 5 mm

Shape-Faceted rondelle


Tretment-None(100% natural)

Length of strand- 13 inch

Don’t miss on these as they are perfect for your purpose.

2 to 2.5 mm Rare Natural Morganite Micro Faceted Rondelle Full 13 inch strand -AAA+ Quality

Rare morganite is hard to find in this high quality and the listed price,morganite can also be termed as pink aquamarine as it is a part of beryl family.

See the below details properly,

Size- 2 mm to 2.5 mm
4-mm to 5 mm (Shaded ) stock 5 strnds only

Shape- Faceted rondelle

Length of strand- 13 inch


Treatment-None(100% natural)

Limited stock we have of these,if rare gem excites you then you should look for this.

2.5 to 3 mm Natural copper rutilated Quartz Micro Faceted Rondelle Full 13 inch strand-AAA+ Rare Quality

These are Amazing Quality rare Copper Rutilated Quartz gemstone beads strand,available in best price in market.

Please see the below details carefully,

Available in two sizes.

2.5 to 3 mm

Shape-faceted micro rondelle

length of strand- 14 inch


There is ample of rutile in the natural strand which makes them hard to find and the price is best in the market.

If rare gems excited you then these can make your collection beautiful.